Not that anyone’s traveling right now, but…

Xcalak is currently shut down to non-residents to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Hang in there everyone.

If you’re researching for a vacation after the world gets through all this COVID-stuff, then read on. If you have any questions send us an email.

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Xcalak Travel Guide Cover

How do you make a visit to far-flung Xcalak Mexico better?

By spending more time enjoying the trip than planning it. Your first time planning a visit to Xcalak should be as relaxing as the beach itself. The Xcalak Travel Guide simply has every detail you need. Accommodations. Restaurants. Activities. All in one free PDF you download instantly. Yeah, I’ll take my helpful guide now.

Is remote Xcalak the right vacation for you?

Before resort packages, travel to tropical Mexico was for the adventurous only. There was no problem finding a beach of your own anywhere along the Yucatan Peninsula.

The coastline was pristine. Meeting another traveler was nice. The Jimmy Buffets of the world could relax; dining on juicy, well-deserved cheeseburgers every night.

So it didn’t matter if travel agents sent a few other gringos to your beach. Because there was always another secluded stretch of sand nearby.

In case you haven’t noticed,

things in the Yucatan have changed

Tourism officials in Mexico revealed around 45 million international tourists are expected to visit the country in 2019.

And sprawling Cancun? It draws 4,800,000 tourists a year (that’s 13,000 a day)! The beaches are smothered. At the resorts you need an early-morning strategy just to snag a beach chair before they’re all taken.

Relaxing? Maybe for some…

… but imagine yourself on the beach in Mexico. Is crowded the experience you want?

The 6 hour drive from Cancun to Xcalak brings you to the edge of the world

Edge of World in Xcalak

It’s a special type of traveler who enjoys the seclusion of Xcalak. The vibe here is more like Jimmy Buffet the at-ease singer, than Margaritaville (the commercialized restaurant).

In Xcalak there are no crowded resorts,

but you still WON’T enjoy staying here if…

… you crave lots of shopping (there are only a few convenience stores)

… you want abundant dining choices (there are only 6 restaurants)

… you need a bopping nightlife (there’s only the chill beach bar)

Yet, if you want to be long way from the crowds.

And to do as much (or as little) as you want.

To find yourself, become closer to loved ones, or to spend time with good friends.

Xcalak Mexico is an idyllic vacation spot


Beach chairs and hammock

You’ll find privacy in Xcalak.

Here there are less than 20 beach lodgings.

The Mexican government restricts development in Xcalak. So it doesn’t become a big honking touristy mess (like most of the northern Yucatan).

Xcalak will introduce you to…

Unpretentious beach life. 400 locals, a handful of expats, and less than 20 tourist accommodations. In a village this small the people are genuine. And you’re certain to have stretches of undeveloped beach all to yourself.

The Mesoamerican barrier reef. Fly fish, snorkel, and scuba dive the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef. A flabbergasting amount (and diversity) of underwater life is just offshore in the National marine park. Wade out from the beach and your exploration begins.

Costa Maya’s only nude resort. Okay, this isn’t for everyone. But Xcalak Mexico does have a (couples only) naturalist / nude beach. Relax, and erase tan lines at the same time. This private beach could be your secret to letting go.

What’s next? Your helpful copy of the guide (duh).

Before Xcalak Mexico, life for us was our corporate careers. We spent 6 days a week at the office (plus work emergencies on Sundays). We were strung-out and uptight.

Taking a well-needed sabbatical, we found in Xcalak. The cheerful beach life (away from everything) seduced us. We left the corporate world and became freelance writers. It’s unconventional – we make less money – but have ridiculously more fun.

If you’re fun loving and enjoy the beach, you’ll love Xcalak too. And we’re pleased to be helping you discover it.

~ Heather & Tim

PS – Planning Xcalak over the internet can be tough. And we don’t want you spending hours scraping a trip together from all the random, outdated (and scattered) info Google returns when you search “xcalak”.

Our guide saves you time. So you can use it for something important… like seeing which of your beach hats goes best with a cold cerveza.

Trust us. Download the free PDF guide and you’ll plan faster.

…even if you don’t really believe the guide is free (it is).

…even if you already planned most of your trip.

…even if you don’t plan on reading the whole thing.

Are you going to pay $1,000 … $2,000 … $3,000 for this wonderful beach escape – and then let a single 99 cent item that you didn’t think to bring rob you of the real relaxation a vacation like Xcalak can give you?

We won’t let you forget the stuff you’ll need to kick back in Xcalak.

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