About Xcalak Mexico and Us

The ONLY site on the ENTIRE internet that GIVES you a travel guide to Xcalak

You = Visiting secluded Xcalak for the first time

(it’s pronounced ish-ka-lak by the way)

Us = Giving you every planning detail. And a PDF travel guide that you can download instantly. For free.

This site is nearing 10 years of updates! And because of that commitment, XcalakMexico.com is now the first-time visitors’ most helpful resource for Xcalak. With our help, more independent travelers are enjoying Xcalak’s rare mix of seclusion, beach, and comfort.

So… why do we care about Xcalak?

(and who are we again?)

Tim and Heather over coffee mugs

In 2015 we signed up to go to Xcalak (more on that in a moment). But when we searched “xcalak” we didn’t trust the sites we found in Google. These outdated websites had small text and hard-to-read layouts, and the travel details were old. We felt hesitant to stay in Xcalak. Were we really going to this obscure beach in southern Mexico? For 2 months? Sight-unseen?

OK, back up. Here’s how we found Xcalak in the first place: We met an ex-pat couple from the U.S. who were looking for housesitters while they returned state-side. They needed someone trustworthy to look after their 2 rescue dogs and beautiful Xcalak beach house. … enter Heather & Tim (that’s us).

We’re a Canadian couple in our early 40s. Tired of our corporate jobs – and excited for adventure – we took a career break to travel more. The idea of housesitting on a beach thrilled us. So despite the lack of reliable information online, we headed to Xcalak. What an influential choice.

kayak on transparent water

Our first time in Xclak we spent 2 months there. Then we came back for another 3 months. And then we came back again. We turned from “sometime beach-vacationers”, into full-blown Xcalak fans.

In other words, the unhurried beach life (away from everything) charmed the corporate right out of us.

And to think, we almost didn’t visit, just because Xcalak didn’t have a good website?!

Xcalak Sunrise with birds

We made XcalakMexico.com for every traveler who wonders if getting to this paradise is worth the effort

This website started as a small idea. Something to fill our time. But it grew.

And soon we were helping lots of people.

That’s when we truly fell for this small town in the south of Mexico.

Plan your ideal visit to XcalakXcalak in a bottle

Find the perfect accommodation, restaurants, and activities

Drive comfortably with our directions, maps, and tips

Get the helpful Xcalak Travel Guide (for free)

Delight in your unhurried beach life

Spend lazy days with a cold drink listening to nothing but the waves Watch the sky burn orange when the sun rises over the Caribbean Relax, and let go of being serious: see our blog for fun ideas

Explore the 2nd largest reef in the worldkayaking in xcalak

Fly fish the secluded, natural beauty of the saltwater flats

Scuba dive the ship wrecks along the Banco Chinchorro

Snorkel from the beach amid tropical fish and coral

To keep Xcalak close to our hearts, we run this website. We’re not in cahoots with any businesses in Xcalak. No commissions, kickbacks, or pay. We do it because helping other travelers makes us feel great. We are real people. Got a question? Send us an email at contact@xcalakmexico.com

Psst – We don’t do bookings. So if you ask (and lots of people do) we’ll likely suggest contacting an accommodation directly.

Curious about what we do?

Tim and Heather on Xcalak Dock

It’s boring. Most days we work as self-employed writers (which is less rewarding than talking about Xcalak, but it pays the bills).

This website is our hobby. Our way of helping other travelers to discovering Xcalak. Sincerely, we want it to be the vacation you reminisce about years after visiting.

Heck, you might even become a regular.

Your friends,

~ Heather & Tim

Heather and Tim with Heart

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