Yikes! There’s Plastic on the Beach in Xcalak

You’ve heard that Xcalak is paradise. Well that’s correct.

This sweet little part of Mexico has secluded beaches, warm weather, and a beautiful view. And (most importantly) there’s only a handful of tourists.

But nothing’s perfect, right?

Well that’s correct too. Like that weird uncle nobody talks about, Xcalak has dirty little secrets.

One of them being the plastic that litters its beautifully secluded beaches.

The plastic is an eyesore (fo’ sho), but it can also be interesting… watch this video:

I walk about 6 kilometers on the beach in Xcalak every day (the doggy I housesit likes it that way). On the beach I’ve come across some unusual debris.

Like a bag of lime-juice presses.

Baby bath tubs.

And a gigantic foam cut-out for flip flops soles…

…but the most interesting trash story I’ve heard comes a friend in Xcalak. During a walk he found a Russian can of shaving cream, THAT STILL WORKED.

Pragmatic as ever, he took it home and used it.

So really, look closely and you’ll see that not all beach trash is actually trash.

One person’s trash could be another person’s…well… usable thing.

PS – If you go beachcombing, we’ve got a whole post on the good and bad things of Xcalak Beach.