Xcalak National Reef Park

Xcalak National Reef Park Often, visitors ask what type of water activities they can do in the Xcalak National Reef Park. Fly-fishing, snorkeling, and scuba …

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An egret stands in the shallows - Birdwatching in Xcalak featured image

Birdwatching in Xcalak

Xcalak’s unspoiled jungle habitat and clear waters are an ideal place for birds to make their homes. From high-diving sea birds to colorful songbirds, the …

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A fishing rod stuck upright on a sandy beach with turquoise water - Xcalak fly fishing basics featured image

Xcalak Fly Fishing Basics

You’re sitting at your computer, dreaming of fly fishing, and wondering what your next destination will be. Maybe it’s a magical place where you can …

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