Flat-Out Amazing: Fly Fishing Guides in Xcalak

It’s indisputable that Xcalak’s reputation for bonefish, snook, permit, tarpon, barracuda (and more) reels in plenty of fly fishers. If you’ve ever dreamt of clear waters, swaying palm trees, expansive sandy flats, and the thrill of a Grand Slam, then Xcalak, Mexico, might be paradise.

Now, I’ll be honest—I don’t fish. I just don’t, so try not to judge. But I know the charms of Xcalak:

  • Sheltered by the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef
  • Along the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula
  • In a nationally protected reef park
  • Rich in marine life
  • Perfect for seclusion

But let’s get back to fly fishing in Xcalak. It’s not just a pastime or a business opportunity for the local guides here; it’s a way of life.

And who better to give you an account of the guiding and the fishing than an expert?

I stumbled upon this blog post by a seasoned fly fisher who recently explored Xcalak’s fishing scene. He discusses the emotional rollercoaster of fly fishing, the camaraderie and passion among anglers and guides, and a determination to return for more. You can check out Chris Hunt’s account of fly fishing in and around Xcalak in the Idaho State Journal.

It might inspire you to pick up a rod, head to Xcalak, and experience the magic of fly fishing the flats for yourself. Who knows? You might discover your new hobby in this slice of paradise!