What’s the Catch to this FREE Guide to Xcalak?

You’ve seen the promotion for our free guide to Xcalak (it’s pretty obvious – there’s a link to it on the sidebar). But nothing great is free. You know there has to be a catch, right?

Well of course there’s a catch. Look around this website. You won’t find advertisements; not a single one.

And let me tell you, the Xcalak businesses we mention on the site (or in the guide) don’t pay us any commissions or kickbacks. But in case you didn’t know, an up-to-date website (that you can actually find on Google) costs money to run.

Every year, we lose personal money keeping this guide to Xcalak online.

So the catch to our free guide? We ask for PayPal donations.

Donate $2 if our guide to Xcalak saved you an hour of online research. Or $5 to buy us beer. If you can’t, we gracefully accept that money loss.

But if we don’t get any positive feedback we’ll give up. If you can’t donate then send us a thank you email. As one soon-to-be visitor said in a thank you email, “Woohoo, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find your website!!”

We made XcalakMexico.com to help you. And your appreciation drives us to improve and update this website for free.

Now you know the catch. Can you afford $2 from your travel budget?

Or send us a thank you email?

Instead of a guide to Xcalak packed with advertisements and favoritism, you get us. We’re a little underfunded, but we’re honest about Xcalak.

And it would be great if you helped us keep it that way.