Xcalak’s Beloved Restaurant Closes Its Doors

The Leaky Palapa restaurant was once an integral part of the Xcalak experience. The evenings were always filled with humming conversations and the smell of fresh food. Nearly every visitor to Xcalak would dine at this wonderful establishment, as the two people creating the cuisine, Linda and Marla, had gained quite a reputation for their culinary excellence.

Unfortunately, all good things end, and after decades of quality service, The Leaky Palapa is no more. It’s hard to believe that such a fantastic place could close down; however, due to the Covid pandemic (and competing passions), this “must-visit” eatery in Xcalak has shut its doors for good.

The Leaky Palapa will hold many memories for so many people.

But everything isn’t gloomy, as there are always opportunities in life.

Now that the Leaky Palapa is closed, Linda (a talented landscape artist) intends to turn the space into an art studio in Xcalak. As you know, Costa Maya has a beautiful seaside that inspires many visitors, and the new studio will be a welcome addition to the village of Xcalak.

(By the way, there are still good dining options, if you’re wondering where to eat in Xcalak.)