Map of Xcalak Mexico

It’s going to take you 6 hours to drive to Xcalak from Cancun. Don’t waste time searching for your hotel. Don’t drive past your accommodation. Don’t spend even 1 extra cramped-up minute in your car.

Before you leave home, check out this post – Getting to Xcalak – for complete details on driving, taking the bus, and more.

And then download this free map of Xcalak Mexico (below).

Oh. And don’t forget the extra (and also free) map of Xcalak’s north beach road. The beach road map shows you where the beachside accommodations are.

Free things are great, aren’t they?

But wait! There’s more…

If you’re going to Xcalak, you can get a 45 page guidebook (which includes the Xcalak tourist maps). For FREE!

(so many free things…. today must be a lucky day)

The guide is a simple PDF download.

Having it is like having a friend in Xcalak, who tells you the practical information you need. And all the local secrets you want.

Go get your free copy of the Xcalak Travel Guide now

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Here’s your map of Xcalak Village

(click the image for a larger version of the Xcalak town map)

This map of Xcalak Mexico could be all you need…

…but stick with this post to discover what you can’t get from the map.

The bonus map: Xcalak’s north beach road

(click the image for a larger version of the Xcalak beach map)

Now, what this map of Xcalak isn’t telling you…

We want you to be fully prepared for your vacation in Xcalak (it’s going to be great). So before you gleefully run away with your map and guide, ready yourself with these hints to Xcalak Mexico:

  • 4-Wheel-Drive not needed. The highway to Xcalak is (thankfully) paved. The roads in Xcalak (however) are dirt. You will be okay with a 2-wheel-drive rental car. But take your time.
  • Bouncy + bumpy roads. The furthest tourist accommodation is 8 miles / 12 kilometers up the beach road. You can see it on the Xcalak map. Though the distance is short, the rough drive can take 45 minutes.
  • House numbers. There are none! The accommodations on the beach road have names for address, rather than boring old numbers. Welcome to the beach life.
  • Wildlife on the road. The beach road skirts the jungle. Expect to share it with wildlife. Mainly, fat iguanas (who comically sprint out of your cars way).
  • Zippy locals. Many locals travel the beach road too. Just when you think you’re driving the jungle all by yourself, a motorbike will zip past. Most likely on your left. Remember, we drive on the right-hand side in Mexico.
  • Go further. The north beach road continues for 26 km / 16 mi before ending at a burnt-out bridge. On the road (past what the Xcalak map shows) you’ll discover a coral pyramid, a light-tower, and plenty of privacy. Go explore!
  • Arrive with confidence. If you haven’t done so, download the travel guide. Now you can act like a local, instead of a confused gringo.

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About us: We first visited Xcalak in 2014, as housesitters. It was our job to look after pets + property while the homeowners were away. Little work, and lots of paradise. Find out more on our Who We Are page…