Story Time! My Mom’s Visit to Xcalak

Hi there, this is Tim. My wife and I love the quiet charm of Xcalak – so much so that we created the website you’re reading right now. As info on Xcalak evolves, we make updates to the site and keep things current. That way travelers like you get to learn about this rare paradise without stressing over accuracy.

But that’s not why I’m writing today…

Today I’d like to tell you about Sandy – A.K.A. my Mom.

Her visit to Xcalak was special, and not only because it was her first time leaving Canada.

My mom and dad are from the countryside, in a small town in Nova Scotia, where they lived their whole lives. It was where their parents lived. And their grandparents.

Life was quiet. And they liked it that way.

Me, I guess I’m a bit of the black sheep. I’ve been traveling since the day I finished school. One trip took me to Xcalak where I housesat for 3 glorious months (you can read about that here).

It’d be an understatement to say I liked Xcalak. Naturally, I wanted to share my paradise “discovery” and invited my parents to visit.

They weren’t interested.

What did they want to go to Mexico for? they said.

Friends and family had told them stories of stylish resorts, all you can eat buffets, unlimited drinks… And that wasn’t their style.

Plus – seen the news lately? Mexico’s dangerous!

So… they were happy that I was happy. But there was no way they were visiting Xcalak.

>>fast forward>>

A personal tragedy (cancer) hit my family. My father died.

That was tough on us all.

And eventually life went on.

Hence, I continued to travel. I returned to Xcalak to housesit. This time for 4 months.

But before I left Canada, I did something tricky – I got my mom a passport.

I don’t recommend tricking your mom into getting a passport. But if you ever do try, it wasn’t that hard.


I left for Xcalak and my mom stayed behind, alone.

And like last time, I invited her to Xcalak. But now my invitation included a plane ticket and the promise that I’d pick her up at the airport.

This time she accepted.

(I think she was tired of people at home seeing her as a lonely ol’ widow. And besides, she wasn’t doing anything else.)

I won’t lie and say the journey for her through the hectic Cancun Airport wasn’t stressful.

And I MAY have misplaced her for an hour or so because I was waiting at the wrong gate.

Regardless, she left Nova Scotia in the morning, and by the end of the day she was in Xcalak.

Quiet, peaceful Xcalak.

We spent a week in Xcalak, living on the beach. My Mom would wake up and walk out to the sand, put her toes in the warm water, and watch the huge, red sun rise every morning. Then she’d join me walking two rescue dogs (the ones I was housesitting) up the beach.

When the grocery truck came around, we’d buy vegetables for dinner. She even tried a few tortillas and avocados (strange and exotic food according to her).

Occasionally we’d go snorkeling. The coral heads in Xcalak are so easy to reach. All you do is swim out from the beach and enjoy watching the tropical fish that live there.

That’s about all we did. No parties. No shopping. No crowds.

And despite her previous protests, despite the warnings from everyone about Mexico, despite the intimidating journey, she enjoyed it.

Seeing my mom connect with Xcalak, helping others connect, that’s the reason for this website.

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We’re truly happy you’re considering Xcalak,

~ Tim & Heather