Photo Review of the Reel Inn Restaurant in Xcalak

Any vacation in Xcalak will undoubtedly include a trip to Costa de Cocos’ Reel Inn Restaurant. Cocos was the first tourist accommodation built in Xcalak, and its restaurant is still one of the most popular places to sip a beer by the beach.

Cocos restaurant is open breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Expect to see prices on the menu in pesos and US dollars. Chat up the bilingual servers in Spanish or English.

Chairs at Costa de Cocos Restaurant

Costa de Cocos restaurant boasts the liveliest nightlife in Xcalak. On Friday and Saturday there’s usually a crowd of expats and tourists enjoying a sociable evening out. Once a month Cocos also hosts live music, with classic rock covers by a local Mahahual musician.

The atmosphere at Cocos is laid back, especially the shaded outdoor patio which looks out on the Caribbean Sea.

Reel Inn Restaurant Bar Xcalak

Costa de Cocos’ restaurant is best known for fish tacos and mango seafood pizza. The fresh fish tacos are served on two large wheat tortillas along with beans and rice.

The pizzas at Cocos are not always available , as getting the pizza oven up to temperature takes a really long time. Ask for pizza at Cocos on Friday or Saturday evening. Choose from shrimp or lobster – we recommend the mango shrimp pizza. Yum.

Costa de Cocos serves a variety of import and local beers, wine, and spirits. They even brew their own craft beer and moonshine whisky.

Craft beer at Costa de Cocos

Whisky moonshine shot by Xcalak sea

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