Time Management & Scheduling in Xcalak

There are important things to do when you first arrive in Xcalak. First, take off your watch. Second, open your suitcase and put on your most comfortable beach clothes. Third, breathe in the salt air. And exhale your stress.

You’ve arrived.

Welcome to paradise. How do we manage our time here?

Watch the video or read on…

People in Xcalak put off unpleasant tasks until mañana

Need to email the boss? Mañana

Got to check if some parcel arrived back home? Mañana

Putting things off until tomorrow – that’s how life is in Mexico. And that delightful sense of ease is particularly true for Xcalak.

People in Xcalak focus on the task at hand

Being present. Mindfulness. Focus.

Call it what you will, Xcalak is a place to appreciate whatever it is your doing right now.

If that’s swinging in a hammock – then enjoy it. Don’t go planning what to do next, or wondering what else you should be doing. Just swing, bask in the cool breeze, and chill to the sound of the waves.

People in Xcalak do nothing, until they’re ready to do something

It’s easy to think people here are lazy. Living on a beach doesn’t exactly make you think of hard work, right?

But that’s a depressing way to view things. The people of Xcalak enjoy their free time. They give it their all.

And when it’s time for work, they give that everything they got, too.

Life’s a balance.

If you don’t work hard then you can’t be at ease doing nothing. And in my opinion, not appreciating your free time could be the gloomiest thing of all.

In other words, never feel guilty about all the time you’re “wasting” in Xcalak.

Now that you got the basics…

Here’s (some) of what your vacation schedule in Xcalak needs:

  • Reserve a gourmet dinner at the Leaky Palapa
  • Chill with a few drinks at Coco’s on Friday/Saturday evening
  • Walk up and down the quiet beach
  • Float around with the angel fish while snorkeling
  • Relax in your hammock and read a book
  • Search the beach for flotsam-flipflops in your size
  • Improve your tan lines
  • Embrace the dark-dark night to view a million stars
  • Wake up and catch the most magnificent sunrise
  • Have some fun while racing hermit crabs

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