Photo Review of Toby’s Restaurant in Xcalak

Wear your flip flops and beach shorts. Toby’s Restaurant in Xcalak doesn’t put on airs, it’s relaxing and laid back. The quintessential beach restaurant.

Toby’s is in the center of town and looks towards the sea, over a sand volleyball / soccer field. The front wall is open which lets in the breeze, but on evenings with no wind it also lets in mosquitoes (a little bug spray fixes that problem).

View of beach outside of Tobys in Xcalak

Toby’s is known for fresh seafood. We ordered a starter of shrimp ceviche, and shrimp quesadillas.

Shrimp quesadilla and salsa

We heard from the expats that Toby’s has a good fish burger, and coconut shrimp. Figuring we already max’d out on the shrimp we opted for the fish burger and fries.

Tobys fish burger and mayo

Overall, I’d go back to Toby’s in Xcalak. The food was fresh tasting and the atmosphere was relaxed. We went for lunch, but I’d happy to go back for dinner.

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