When to Visit Xcalak

There isn’t just one “best” time to visit Xcalak. The best time depends on your priorities – whether you’re looking for the perfect beach weather, a specific type of fly fishing, or a price range that fits your budget.

When’s the best weather in Xcalak?

There are three seasons in Xcalak – dry, wet, and hurricane. The dry season typically lasts from November to April, when day after day of sunshine makes the beach a great place to be. Snorkel, kayak, and enjoy the constantly warm weather far from the snowy north.

Wet season runs from May to October and you can still expect sunny days, but passing clouds may drop huge amounts of rain in a short time. The rain is great for filling the cisterns at off-grid accommodations, but not so great for all-day sunbathing.

Bonus: From May to July the interior of Mexico is stiflingly humid, but on the coast in Xcalak the sea breeze keeps temperatures comfortable.

Hurricane season generally runs from July to October with September and October being the most likely hurricane-months. Visiting Xcalak during hurricane season is what you would expect – cloudy, wet, and windy. BUT there’s no guarantee there’ll be a hurricane – some years not a single hurricane forms.

If the only time you can visit Xcalak is September or October, don’t despair – a wet rainy day in Xcalak is probably better than your wet rainy day at home, right?

Xcalak Monthly Weather Graph

When’s it best to visit Xcalak for fly fishing?

The fly fishing season is typically from February to April. If you’re after a certain fish however, it gets trickier. Here’s a rough breakdown of the best times to visit Xcalak for fly fishing.

Barracuda: You’re in luck – any time of year is a good time for barracuda in Xcalak

Tarpon: You’ve got a good chance of catching tarpon most of the year, but June and July are not quite as good as the rest of the year

Snook: These guys hang around Xcalak most of the year, but the best time to catch snook in Xcalak is October to June

Bonefish: Good news – all year is “good” for bonefish, and March to May your chances of catching one of these beauties jumps up to “great”

Permit: Another fish that stays around Xcalak all year, with your best chance for a catch from June to October

When to visit Xcalak for cheap accommodations?

Cheapest Accommodations

Low Season means the least number of tourists (not that there are many to begin with) and the lowest prices. Low season – and cheap accommodations in Xcalak – starts at the beginning of June and prices stay cheap until the end of October.

High Season, when prices jump, starts at the beginning of November and runs until the end of May. But don’t despair, depending on which accommodation you choose, a visit to Xcalak during high season can still fit into nearly any vacation budget.

The December Holiday Season has the highest prices of the year (yes, even higher than “high” season). Be prepared to pay a premium to visit Xcalak during the week before and after Christmas and New Years.

Holiday prices are also in effect during the crowded and popular Semana Santa (Easter week). Reserve early if you’re planning to visit Xcalak during Semana Santa because accommodations book up quickly.

No matter when you visit Xcalak, you’ll find something to enjoy. Whether it’s sunny beach days, fly fishing, or saving some cash you won’t be disappointed you came.