Kenny Chesney Quotes that Prove Xcalak is better than Mahahual

You’ve heard of Kenny Chesney, right? He has 14 gold albums and more than 40 of his songs hit the Top 10.

With songs like When the Sun Goes Down, Have Another Beer in Mexico, and No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, it’s easy to see Kenny Chesney is an authority on relaxation.

(and it’s also obvious he has a crush on Mexico)

Now I don’t know if Kenny’s ever been to Xcalak. Or Mahahual.

But I do know that for some people Xcalak is better than Mahahual.

And for others, Mahahual is the cat’s meow.

I asked Kenny which spot he thinks is best…

tweet to kenny

But funny thing is… he never returned my tweet. Huh. I guess he’s busy or something.

In lieu of a response, I’ll let these Chesney quotes show us why Xcalak is better than Mahahual.

Chesney Quote Cell on Beach

It sounds like Kenny’s telling us we need to unplug. No problem – there’s no cell service in Xcalak!

Can’t be completely away? Xcalak gets OK internet via a tower relay from Mahahual (which is where you can go if you’re desperate to get a few bars on your phone).

Chesney Quote Happy Chairs in Water

I’m sure that when Kenny was young he whooped it up (who didn’t?). But as he got older wiser things changed. As it does for all of us.

If you’re still party-ready, Mahahual’s cruise ship port delivers kindred spirits in droves.

If you’re ready to leave the party scene behind, head to Xcalak. No cruise ships. Just a quiet beach.

Chesney Quote Respect Sun in Hand

In Mahahual, touts and pushy vendors line the tourist strip.

Since Xcalak has no tourist strip, hustling for gringo money is blissfully absent.

Chesney Quote Escape Limestone Shore

Turn off the main road before you get to Mahahual. Drive 60 kilometers farther-still, towards Xcalak. The road doesn’t have much except for jungle on either side.

And when you finally arrive in Xcalak, it’s like you’ve reached the edge of the world. That’s an escape.

Chesney Quote Time Sunrise

No cruise ship schedules, cell phone service, or busy agendas. Being in Xcalak is almost like stopping time.

Grab a cold cerveza and find a private section of beach in Xcalak. Then appreciate a day that doesn’t rush you to do anything.

Chesney Quote Ocean Xcalak Town

So Kenny likes the ocean. Well, Mahahual and Xcalak are both on the Caribbean Sea. That’s close enough, right?

Mahahual also has a cheesy Mayan-themed waterpark. And Kenny didn’t say nothing about being drawn to that.

Chesney Quote Life Palm Tree

If you agree with Kenny, opt for the privacy of Xcalak. It gives you some distance from…everything. You’ll gain some much-needed perspective.

Chesney Quote Risk Snorkeling

We get it – committing your vacation time to Xcalak is a risk. Think it might be too secluded? Not sure if Xcalak is better than Mahahual? Spend some more time on and you’ll feel good about choosing Xcalak.

And if you want to get in touch with the man himself, here’s Kenny’s Twitter contact. Hey, and let him know I’m still waiting for a reply, OK?