Xcalak Closes During COVID-19 Pandemic

July UPDATE: Xcalak & Mahahual are still closed to non-residents, and permits are required for travel in, or out, of the region. Stay safe everyone.

2020 has sure been a weird year, right? The world has shut down to travelers – and this shutdown includes Xcalak. To limit the spread of COVID-19, the town has temporarily closed the road into Xcalak. So, no visiting for now.

As for Heather and I, we’re home in Canada, riding out the coronavirus pandemic and spending the time with our families.

Many of the expats and accommodation owners in Xcalak have also gone home. But some have chosen to stay. And I can’t blame them. I doubt there’s a more delightful place than Xcalak to self-isolate. Peace & quiet have always reigned here; now, the more so.


I’m happy to let you know that, behind the scenes, our website is undergoing a facelift.

XcalakMexico.com is near its fifth birthday. To reflect this maturity, we’re updating our layout to a more familiar tourist website feel. The new design should be ready in the coming month, and will make it simpler for travelers to find the info they want. And it’s also going to be way prettier, but that’s just my opinion.