Xcalak COVID-19 Update: *somewhat* Open-for-Business

Update 2022: Xcalak, like most other places in the world, is fully open to travel. Enjoy

Here’s the older post:

After months of lockdown, Xcalak has reopened for tourism…to some extent.

As of October 2020, visitors are welcome to come and go from Xcalak; several tourist accommodations are open, while a few are opening soon.

Open right now: Acocote Eco Inn, Casa Paraiso, Costa de Cocos, Flying Cloud, Caribbean Casa Blanca

(honestly, there may be more open that we don’t know about too)

And while we’re at it, we’d like to thank our friends at Sin Duda Villas for this update. They’re reopening their accommodation late-November; we can’t imagine a better spot for riding out the pandemic.

Pandemic Safety Precautions:

The Mexican government is asking the hotel owners and staff in Xcalak to take an online COVID-19 training course and accommodations also require sterilization by a professional before reopening.

Service is still excellent in Xcalak; however, there’ve been a few minor changes.

For instance, the locals are obeying non-medical mask-wearing rules, keeping a safe social distance, and reducing room cleanings during stays to prevent potentially spreading the COVID-19 virus.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, and if you have a question about Xcalak, feel free to send us an email (contact@xcalakmexico.com).


Heather & Tim