Discover the Flavors of Xcalak: Mango Moonshining Brewing Company

Vacation is an opportunity to try drinks that are unique to the region. And honestly, in Mexico, sipping a cold beverage while basking in the sun can be incredibly enjoyable.

Along the shores of Xcalak, a gem of a nano-brewery awaits those seeking a taste of authentic craftsmanship. Mango Moonshining (found at Costa de Cocos, 1.1 km / 0.7 mi from town) is a refuge for beer lovers and spirits enthusiasts alike.

Mango Moonshining, a name that evokes both sweet mystery and excitement, contains the very essence of Xcalak in each bottle. (Are we being a bit over-the-top? Maybe. Wait until you try the stuff before passing judgment.)

At the heart of their offerings are the microbrews. The brewery produces three shades of beer — pale, amber, and porter — each with a unique character and personality. Whether you’re savoring a crisp pale ale or indulging in the robust notes of the porter, knocking back a cold cerveza while sitting on the beach in Mexico is classic.

Mango Moonshining also makes a sweet mash “sipping” whiskey, a Mayan corn moonshine (“moonshine” is part of their name, after all), and the aptly named Xcalak Rum. (Ah, rum — the preferred beverage of pirates, scallywags, and vacationers all across the Caribbean.)

We’ve personally tried the rum and all the beers, and they’ve got our thumbs up.

And the whole reason for this post?

In exciting news for Mango Moonshining, both their award-winning Xcalak Rum and Don Diego’s Sipping Whiskey are now available on Amazon Mexico. The flavors of Xcalak can now be delivered right to your very own vacation home to spice up BBQs, beaches, and other gatherings across the country.

Enjoy (responsibly)!

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