SEE what Xcalak village is REALLY like (Video)

Imagine you just met a chill couple who just got back from Xcalak, and they can’t stop raving about how good a vacation they had.

Well, they’re not telling you the full story.

They probably stayed on the north beach road. After all, that’s where the beachside Bed & Breakfasts and hotels are. We recommend staying on the north beach road if you’re coming to Xcalak – you’ll find some very comfortable (and sometimes pricey) accommodations.

If you’re on a budget – or for some crazy reason you don’t want to stay beachside – your other option is to stay in Xcalak village itself.

Before staying in town, you should find out what Xcalak village is really like.

Xcalak is a sleepy little town. Not much happens but there are advantages to staying in town.

Advantages to Staying in Xcalak Village

  • No rental car needed. Yes, you can get to Xcalak by bus.
  • Town is on-grid. Say yay to Air Conditioning and unlimited showers.
  • Restaurants are nearby. Plus some fly-by-night taco joints.
  • There’s camping. If that’s your thing ask at Toby’s Restaurant.

DMTs (divemaster in training) with XTC Dive Center often stay in town, as the cost is low and it’s close to XTC.

So do hard-core fly fishers, if their boat leaves from the public pier every morning.


Looking for in-town accommodations? We’ve got you covered! Check the bottom of our Accommodations in Xcalak & Picking a Place to Stay